The Officers and Board of Directors of the New Hampshire Federal Executive Association welcome the opportunity to partner with agencies to develop employees.


In December 2011, the NHFEA entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Department of State's National Passport Center (NPC), Portsmouth, NH.  The signing ceremony took place on December 2nd at the NPC.


Since that time, the NHFEA has entered into a signed MOU with the Army National Guard.


The terms of the MOU are determined through collaborative discussion between the head of the agency and the President of the NHFEA to create a working partnership that is beneficial to all parties.  Flexibility is key to the success of the MOUs.


If your agency is interested in forming a partnership with the NHFEA, please contact Kathi Hatch, President, at 603-433-0508 or by e-mail at


You may also contact Craig Stucker for his perspective on the experience at


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Generic Memorandum of Understanding
Blank Memorandum of Understanding for creating partnerships with New Hampshire agencies
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