The New Hampshire Federal Executive Association's (NHFEA) Officers are a key component of the NHFEA's success.  The Officers are all federal employees who voluntarily give of their time, talent, dedication, and creative energy to support the organization's mission.  Without their vision and direction, the NHFEA would not enjoy the reputation for positive impact on the federal community that it has earned.

The officers for 2011-2013 are:

Kathi Hatch, President
U.S. Department of Treasury
Internal Revenue Service
80 Daniel Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
603-433-0508, fax: 603-433-0780

Michael Pelletier, Vice President
U. S. Army National Guard
1 Minuteman Street
Manchester, NH 03101

Angela Hubbard, Treasurer
Social Security Administration
1100 Elm Street, Suite 201
Manchester, NH 03101

Jessica O'MearaSecretary

Housing and Urban Development

275 Chestnut Street

Manchester, NH  03101-2487

603-666-7510, ext. 3048


New Hampshire Federal Executive Association

P. O. Box 316

Portmouth, NH  03802-0316

Dun & Bradstreet 96-665-5693