The New Hampshire Federal Executive Association's (NHFEA) Council of Advisors are an important group in the NHFEA's success.  They are all federal employees who voluntarily share their experience and expertise to support the NHFEA's mission.  Without their experience and expertise, the NHFEA would not enjoy the reputation for positive impact on the federal community that it has earned.

The Council of Advisors for 2011-2013 are:

Brigadier General Carol Protzmann
New Hampshire Air National Guard
Newington, NH

Field Director Gregory Carson
Housing and Urban Development
Manchester, NH 03301

Chris Palin
Commissioner Senior Representative
Internal Revenue Service
290 Broadway
New York, NY 10007

Kim Ainsworth
Executive Director
Greater Boston Federal Executive Board
Boston, MA

Tyrone Shelton
Regional Director
State Department
National Passport Center
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Lonna Moaratty
Executive Director
Northern New England Combined Federal Campaign
115 Corporate Drive, Unit 3
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Marlene Littlefield
Immediate Past President
State Department
207 International Drive
National Passport Center
Portsmouth, NH 03801

Gregg MacPherson

U. S. Department of Agriculture (Rural Development)

Manchester, NH 03301

New Hampshire Federal Executive Association

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Portmouth, NH  03802-0316

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