The New Hampshire Federal Executive Association's (NHFEA) Board of Directors are one component of the NHFEA's success.  They are all federal employees who voluntarily give of their time, talent, dedication, and creative energy to support the organization's mission.  Without their vision and direction, the NHFEA would not enjoy the reputation for positive impact on the federal community that it has earned.


The Board of Directors for 2013-2015 are:

Rodi Adema
Federal Deposit Insurance Company
Randy Ament
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Department of Justice
Amy Bassett
Small Business Administration
Timothy Brecheen
New Boston Tracking Station
Dawn Nester
Internal Revenue Service
David Johnson
General Services Administration
Marianne Lloyd
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
Ted Brady
Rural Development
Department of Agriculture
Mary Nevells
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Andrew Palhof
Office of Safety and Health Administration
Department of Labor
Kathy Rowell
National Passport Center
State Department
Dee Ann Schussler
Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
David Wood
Transportation Safety Administration
Department of Homeland Security

If your agency is not being represented by the NHFEA, please contact Kathi Hatch, President, to discuss how you can nominate a representative. Kathi can be reached via e-mail at or by phone at (603) 433-0508.

We look forward to meeting you!


We recognize with appreciation the NHFEA Past Presidents who have served with dedication and distinction, as well.  Follow this link to view the listing.

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