About Us

The Federal Executive Boards (FEB's) were established in 1961 by a Presidential Directive to improve coordination among Federal activities and programs outside Washington, DC.  The need for effective coordination among the field activities of federal departments and agencies was then, and is still, very clear.  Approximately 84 percent of all federal employees work outside the national capital area.  Decisions affecting the expenditure of billions of dollars are made in the field.  Federal programs have their impact largely through the actions of field representatives of the departments and agencies.  In addition, Federal officials outside Washington, DC, are the principal contact of the Federal Government with the citizens of this country.

Our Role in New Hampshire
The New Hampshire Federal Executive Association is a non-profit organization that was chartered in 1971 to fill the role on a state-wide basis, similar to the FEB, working closely with the Greater Boston FEB, and other FEA's and Federal Executive Councils, throughout the New England states, as well as being a liaison between the federal agencies within New Hampshire. With more than 8,000 federal employees in New Hampshire alone, we act as a conduit to share information, provide scholarships on an annual basis, provide training on an ad hoc basis as needs are identified by the agencies, and recognize outstanding federal employees through our annual Awards program.

Our Structure
We are governed by an Executive Committee (the elected officers) and a Board of Directors (the elected officers and the appointed committee chairs/agency representatives), with assistance from a Council of Advisors (agency leaders, former Board members who have retired, and private industry representatives who have a special knowledge of federal employees through their own work).

These individuals conduct the business of the NHFEA, making decisions related to budget, strategic planning, as well as planning programs and appropriate supporting fundraisers.

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New Hampshire Federal Executive Association

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